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Do you need mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi? First of all, we get to know about prayer room carpets or rugs, actually what they are. Generally, a rug is a piece of carpet laid down to cover the bare floor. But when it is specially used for prayers that Muslims offer five times a day, it will be known as a prayer rug or carpet. Additionally, prayer rugs in Al Ain and mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi are mostly used by Muslims. A prayer rug is used in Mosques, homes, and every place where Muslims live. When a Muslim has a neat and comfortable environment he does his worship more superior that’s why we find the best quality rugs and Carpets Tile Dubai provides you with the best quality products in unique colors, low prices, and with more relaxation.


As we know colors have a great impact on our daily life, similarly, everyone has a different choice in the sense of colors. Red-colored mosque carpets, green-colored mosque carpets, blue-colored mosque carpets, beige-colored mosque carpets, brown-colored mosque carpets, and many more colors are now available at our store. Additionally, we have our professional and sober-colored prayer room rugs. The selection of a person is the most important thing for showing his personality so when we purchase a thing we try to purchase unique and different. So Carpets Tile Dubai comes up with glamorous Mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi with special colors like green, red, beige, blue, silver, brown, and rusty. The green color gives you feelings of freshness. The green color is mostly used in Mosques and the red color is a more attractive color that is used for special events and the red color is a color of love.

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Carpets Tile Dubai offer reliable product and they have everlasting shiny colors and long-lived quality fabrics. In Mosques of Dubai and Islamic countries, thousands of Muslims pray and worship daily that’s why they want to buy reliable products. We want to fulfill the expectations of our clients. Mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi, which we offer our clients are extensively appreciated by our clients. We make a deal with our clients with trust and promise. Moreover, we fulfill our all commitments with loyalty, obedience, and devotion are the major factors of our company. We have a well-trained and dutiful team and they know how they produce everlasting Mosque rugs in Abu Dhabi using a consolation pile. Contact Us now to order your favorite color of mosque carpet.


When we think about Mosque rugs in Abu Dhabi the first design we think of is Makkah and Madina pictures which are our respective and esteemable places. We offer Mosque rugs and carpets that have a Mehrab design and we don’t use animated pictures on Mosque rugs that’s why it is considered abuse in our religion Islam. The second type of our Mosque rugs is a plain rug and plain rugs have many kinds of textures as the same Mehrab rugs have different textures. All mosque rugs are attractive and feel more tranquillity during worshipping. So we have plain mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi and Mihrab mosque carpets in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – UAE. We provide our clients’ rugs in beige color which is considered a professional color. Frequently our customers require rugs for their worshipping rooms at professional places. Blue, silver, and brown colors are used as our customer choice and these colors are mostly used in our homes.

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The standard size of mosque carpets can vary depending on the particular mosque and its design specifications. However, most mosque carpets are typically rectangular in shape and range in size from 3 x 5 feet to 12 x 18 feet.

Mosque carpets are typically made from high-quality wool or a blend of wool and nylon. The use of wool provides durability and insulation properties, while nylon enhances the carpet's stain resistance and helps to maintain its shape.

Mosque carpets are generally thicker than traditional residential carpets to provide additional cushioning for those kneeling during prayer. The thickness of mosque carpets can vary based on the specific requirements of the mosque and can range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

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