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    Do you have an innovative idea for your flooring place? Then you are at the right place. We at Carpets Tile Dubai accept customized orders and have all the abilities to provide you with desired products.

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    We offer a complete solution of carpet fixing and installation services. For this purpose, we have a specified professional carpet installer team. Our skilled team can complete your desired flooring project nicely.
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    We offer fast carpet supply to your place with efficient delivery services of carpet tiles in Dubai. We believe in fast carpet supply services. Accomplish your flooring project on time with carpet tiles in Dubai & across the UAE.


Before going to buy reasonable and cheap carpets in Dubai by price, let’s get to know about carpets. A textile product used as a floor covering consists of two layers (upper and lower). Covering the upper layer is known as a “pile". while the lower layer is called backing. Generally- jute fiber, wool, polyester, and made synthetic fiber are used as carpet-making materials. When we talk about carpet the word rug comes to our mind at the same time. Mostly the term “carpet" is used instead of a rug. Generally, we take carpet and rug in the same meaning but there is a bitter difference between them. Carpet refers to the floor covering of an entire place or room where you want it to be. While on the other hand rug can cover a specific small area or a part of the floor about your needs. Typically rugs don’t have the span to cover the floor from one wall to another and are even not attached to the floor.