Nowadays such kinds of artificial grass are being used on a high level in the Middle East, So we named that artificial grass Dubai. Let’s get to know about artificial grass. A synthetic fibres made surface that looks like natural grass is referred to as Artificial or Fake Grass. However artificial grass carpet is being used in huge quantities due to its popularity, bountifulness, and ease of maintenance. At the start, it took place only in areas for sports and outdoor areas. But now it is being used in inside & residential lawns and commercial places widely as well. Further artificial grass carpet holds more options than real grass. It can be installed on different surfaces easily and offers different pile height according to your need. Artificial grass Dubai carpet is more durable as its life span reached up to 12 years. Its pet-friendly feature allows your pets (dogs, cats etc.) to enjoy them all across the year. Due to its nontoxic manufacturing material, it assured safety to your pets. Genetic grass requires favourable climatic conditions under the protection and management which are not available in some circumstances. It will be the best choice to install artificial grass Dubai while in the sports ground, entertainment places, landscaping, exhibitions and for greenery look, etc.

Features and Benefits of Artificial Grass

Modern polymer coating for lawns is made of polyurethane thread. It is painted green and mounted on an underlay for easy installation in open spaces. Decorative lawn does not need to be planted, watered, fertilized and cut. It remains lush green in hot summers, rainy autumns and cold winters. Unlike real grass, frequent walking on the lawn and the passage of light wheeled vehicles does not lead to damage to the surface. Advantages of Artificial Grass for Lawn Wear resistance - people and animals can walk on the grass, have picnics on the lawn, drive wheelbarrows and drive a car. Its appearance will not change from this. Longevity - Synthetic turf has retained its strength and appearance for decades. The service life does not depend on temperature fluctuations, rainfall and other natural factors. Unpretentiousness - after laying in compliance with the technology provided by the manufacturer, artificial grass practically does not require maintenance. It is only necessary to renew the bedding from time to time if it fits on the surface. Safety - for the manufacture of polymeric lawn, modern synthetic substances are used that do not emit hazardous chemical compounds into the air. Grass does not harm humans, pets or the environment. Water permeability - the base of artificial grass has pores through which rain and melt water seeps into the ground. Therefore, puddles do not accumulate on the lawn, which spoil its appearance.


Areas of Use

The main scope of artificial grass is laying on the lawns in front of private houses, commercial facilities. But it can also be used in the following areas: Arrangement of playgrounds for team sports.
Decoration of loggias, terraces, verandas, patios.
Construction of temporary and permanent exhibition pavilions.
Restoratation of territories of kindergartens, and schools. The main advantage of artificial grass is its natural appearance, which is permanently preserved. The grass outwardly almost does not differ from living, especially when viewed from a great distance. The applied dyeing technology makes it possible to maintain color when used under direct ultraviolet rays. Laying synthetic turf does not require special skills. It is necessary to prepare the base according to the manufacturer's recommendations, roll the rolls over the surface and connect them. There is no need to use special tools. Backfill is sometimes poured over the grass, which needs to be renewed from time to time.